gossip-girls2What’s everyone saying about us? Not only were we voted #1 Boutique in Coral Springs and Parkland, Florida 2012 by Forum Magazine – but our clients give us the best shout outs:

“This is the best store ever! I absolutely love it, the first time I came in here it blew me away! The amount of retail stuff for really good prices is incredible. This is where you want to be!” – Melissa G.

“What can I say? Absolutely fantastic! You feel like you’re hanging out with your girlfriends in a high end club.” – Carol B.

“Finally style comes to coral springs. Amen!” – Karen H.

“Jacki always makes me feel like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, she took her time, made me smile, shop, giggle, laugh and I enjoyed it!”- Jana F.

“Your store is amazing! It’s Chanel meets Versace meets Niemen Marcus meets South Beach. I love it here, you are a fun, friendly, fantastic and fashionable lady Jacki!” – Elisa B.

“Finally a place I can actually call home sweet home. Here’s where women can reinvent themselves and connect with a staff that is truly one of a kind.” – Medina R.

“Your boutique is incredible, you blew my expectations away. I’m so happy for you. Thanks for opening my eyes to a new way of dressing. Coral Springs is so much better now that the amazing Stash is here!” – Louella G.

“One of the best stores I’ve ever been to. Jacki is fabulous and up with all the current fashions. I never knew there were more than 27 ways to wear a little black dress.” – Nicole H.

“Stash is my second home, it’s a place where you can dress for the club, for a date, for dinner or any occasion. I love the energy in the store, it’s energetic, fun and beautiful. I’m just going to have to have Jacki dress me from now on!” – Andrea W.

“Jacki is such a fashion mogul! She showed me ways to wear things that were amazing and I had never considered before, now I know that anytime I need fashion advice I can just can come see Jacki. She’s a winner!” – Loretta C.

“I had the most amazing experience! The rock and roll style is my favorite and the help and assistance I received was above and beyond what I’d ever get anywhere else on planet earth. Thank you!” – Gail G.

“I’m usually not a shopper at consignment stores, which I never realized you were. If this boutique is an indicator of what this type of shopping can be, I’m all in. The atmosphere is beautiful and your success is guaranteed.” – Kate K.

“There isn’t an item in this store that I wouldn’t wear and don’t love. I’m going to be several hours here a week I can tell already.” – Gabbie G.

“From all the boutiques I have shopped, Stash is the best. Not only is the staff pleasant and passionate, but the pieces are exquisite.” – Stephanie J.

“Finally this is the best boutique I have ever been in, the clothes and service is unbeatable, the prices are beyond fair. I’m telling everyone I know, I will always shop here first before shopping anywhere else, if I’m going to shop anywhere at all.” – Pamela N.